EWB in partnership with UNDP for Mozambique

Mozambique was pummeled with two Category 4 cyclones, Idai and Kenneth, in the span of only six weeks, creating one of the worst weather-related disasters to hit the southern hemisphere, bringing historic levels of flooding and severe winds. The city of Beira was one of the hardest hit areas, with over 90% of its infrastructure incurring damage. In response, EWB  in partnership with UNDP deployed a scoping team to assess the damage.

EWB’s scoping team inspected a number of buildings and witnessed the extent and severity of the damage. In Buzi, a district outside of Beira, the flooding submerged the entire district. For reference, a member of the scoping team from Brazil, Vinícius Frujita, shows with his hand the highest water level during the cyclone. 

In other parts of the country critical public buildings, such as hospitals, have had their roofs blown off and asbestos-laden debris fills the ground. These unsafe conditions have forced hospital staff to conduct surgeries and other procedures including births in tents.

EWB’s engineers will continue supporting UNDP in Mozambique throughout the summer. The team will be working with top government officials on policy and assisting in the reconstruction of large government buildings as well as smaller housing projects.

If you are interested in assisting with the UNDP Mozambique project or with similar work, we invite you to apply to join our Disaster Response and Recovery team here.

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