Umnandi & EWB-SA Annual Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Umnandi & EWBSA recently hosted the annual entrepreneurship bootcamp at the Wits University. The event was one of the biggest of its kind as Umnandi brought 14 Entrepreneurship Students from Chalmers University to deliver a more refreshed & locally relevant course. The objective of the two-day workshop was to provide the students with the basic tools needed to identify opportunities & ideate solutions to solve some of the UN SDG’s. The workshop was also designed to inspire the students by exposing them to entrepreneurs within their context.

The first day included inspirational talks & a study of the SDG’s in the SA context. Poppy Finca – founder of Uzuri natural products, Jabulani Nene -Cofounder of 7 Khalaz & Tumisang Kalagobe – Cofounder of The Student Directory, spoke to the group about the initiation of their business, their current growth phase & tips on surviving “Start-Up” life. The students were then, set into groups and asked to find a community problem they are most passion about & start creating a business solution that could help improve that SDG. Each Umnandi member served as an advisor for each of the groups.

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The second day included the teams presenting their amazing solutions & a few presentations on intellectual property & lean start up’s.  The best ideas were selected & the winning teams announced at the end of the event & offered a small prize. The Umnandi presentations on the 2nd day focused on encouraging the students to start with all the free tools of the internet, use them to build up a loyal client base rather than seeking funding first. The students left with a better understanding of how to begin their entrepreneural journey.

The annual event was part of EWB-SA’s Youth Leadership portfolio which is catalyzing the development of resilient, resourceful & results driven young leaders.

Written by Nomathemba Magagula

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