Our People

Meet the people driving positive change and empowering engineers to empower communities.

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Our Mission and Focus

Empowerment sits at the heart of our mission, and as a result we focus extensively on the “engineering education” space. 

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What People Say

“Since its inception in South Africa, this organisation just keeps growing. I get FOMO when I’m not contributing, especially since it is still evolving at a rapid pace. Furthermore, it’s a place for engineering students to apply their leadership capabilities. There is no place like this!”

Michelle Low

“I enjoy being part of EWB-SA because I get to change lives by enabling young engineers. They get to learn at university level what it means to impact their communities. I also really love design so being in an environment to create new things that help EWB-SA, as a whole, work better fulfills me.”

Yetunde Dada

“The true value we contribute should be the effect and impact that our projects have on improving the livelihoods of the communities on whose doorsteps they function. Bridging that gap is what South Africa needs to raise its magic to new heights…and EWB-SA provides the perfect platform.”

Lara dos Santos


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