Our Work

Our works spans:

  • Student orientated projects (Leadership Summit, Student Chapters, Entrepreneurship in Engineering),
  • Collaborations with universities and industry (Design Challenge, HCD Training, Data for MIA) and
  • Direct community work (Design a Difference).

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Engineering Passion Through Action

We have Annual Leadership Retreats that bring all the executive leaders of our student chapters together for a weeklong workshop since the inception of EWB-SA in 2011.

A Global Collaboration

The Engineering for People Design Challenge brings a real-world community into the engineering classroom to help students learn the skills and knowledge needed to design for under-served communities, and to be globally responsible engineers.

Focus on Empowerment

Over the years, the EWB-SA Student Chapters have completed tens of projects aimed at improving the communities in different ways.


Challenging and Socially Relevant Work

Launched in November 2019, the programme is new and a very small part of the broader EWB-SA world. We are excited to test if this idea finds traction! The first project within the Design-a-Difference programme is a really cool one that focuses on using bicycles to increase the mobility of a community in urban Johannesburg. 

Design Thinking Workshops

HCD is a methodology supported by EWB-SA in all of our community based projects.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

We have partnered with Umnandi to bring the annual Entrepreneurship in engineering course since 2016. The course aims to provide our students with practical knowledge and motivation to pursue entrepreneurial projects that benefit their communities. 

Data For MIA

More on this project soon.