EWB-SA HCD Workshops with Aurecon in 2018

In 2018, EWB-SA partnered with Aurecon South Africa on a pilot to deliver Human centred design workshops to chapters in the Gauteng region. The Pilot focused on teaching chapters how they can use design thinking to frame complex engineering problems. This year, EWB-SA was proud to partner with Aurecon and Ambassadors to expand the initiative across the entire country. Workshops were hosted for UCT, Stellenbosch, UNISA, WITS, UJ, UKZN, UP and TUT.

The workshops were presented by EWB-SAs Director of Social impact and design thinking Paul Ssali, along with an Aurecon design thinking Engineer. Chapters were given a full introduction to design thinking process and taught how to apply it in the projects they tackle in 2019, as well as their careers as Engineers. With this initiative, we hope to pave the way for tomorrows engineers, engineers that are fully aware of their social responsibility, to a point that they fully integrate it into their future designs from the beginning. We want to show our young South African engineers that they have the capacity and the resources required to solve many of the African problems we face daily. By moulding these young minds, we hope to change the face of engineering in South Africa and add value to our continent. We would like to thank Aurecon and Anglo’s Ambassadors for Good, for all their support and guidance on this initiative. We plan to expand and make it even bigger in the coming years.

The ToolShed

Every good engineer, needs a set of tools to help him/her achieve their goals. This year, in partnership with Aurecon and Ambassadors for Good, EWB-SA successfully launched the ToolShed Pilot. The ToolShed is platform that guides young engineers in the process of design thinking using examples and guided tools to allow the students to think and ask the right questions. It is a collection of many tools widely used in the industry, perfectly moulded to fit the needs of the communities we serve. This is the first step in developing tools to help build the understanding required to foster effective human centred design. We hope that with this platform, we will inspire many young engineers and professionals to pursue HCD in all their daily work. We would like to extend a special thank you to Aurecon and Abassadors for Good, for all their support as we all Zaynab Sadan for invaluable contribution in the development process.

Written by Paul Ssali

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