Marketing Week

One of the greatest minds in history, Albert Einstein, once said “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” I reckon he said this after he himself spent some time serving his fellow man. Engineers Without Borders puts great importance in benefiting society and making a difference in communities. Whilst doing that, they ensure that their members have the engineering knowledge and confidence needed to achieve this. 

Made up of a team of diverse individuals who’ve spent at least a year being part of EWBSA-UP; seen its value, participated in projects that made a difference in many Pretorian communities, and experienced the immense joy of being useful—the general and executive committee participated in marketing week earlier this month (March 2020) with the aim of getting more aspiring engineers to join the cause.

It was an exciting “all hands on deck” experience. Tasks were assigned and a shift roster was made. Prior to the actual sign up dates, posters were created and pinned on campus and circulated using various social media platforms. One of our members even went to the extent of visiting lecture halls to tell first years about EWBSA-UP and our sign-up tent. A wide net had truly been cast. 

When marketing week came, a stand made up of a tent with EWBSA-UP banners popped up by the engineering side. We were ready with inviting smiles, sweets and popcorn. It was all of these factors that drew the masses to us. We were met with mixed responses. There were people who didn’t need a pitch as they had been part of EWBSA-UP before, others signed up because they thought it was a fair price to pay for free treat. There were people who thought that the community that deserves to benefit the most is university students, and were utterly disappointed when they found out that is not the case. Then there those on the fence, mostly because our banners brought them to the fence. Those are the ones who heard the pitch, had the most questions and needed us to convince them earnestly. We tried our best. We told them about EWBSA-UP, the projects and events planned for 2020 and gave them an account of what the chapter managed to achieve before. It was these testimonies that convinced people the most.

All in all, marketing week went well, mostly because of the efforts and reliability of the team. 

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