EWB-Wits: The Amazing Race

EWB-Wits started the year off with so much excitement and adventure – our very own instalment of the Amazing Race around the Wits West Campus. The event was hosted on the 6th of March, and activities started from 18:00. It was a fun and interactive event, and members got to know each other and form friendships. There was a huge participation from first year students, and this was a great opportunity for them to familiarize with the campus and have fun whilst doing it. It was like the original Amazing Race TV game show, with Pitstops and U-Turns, but more intense, with multiple, fast-paced activities, all packed under 2 hours!  

The games started with formation of teams – the most enthusiastic teams were awarded. The challenges kicked off with a Math problem, and the solution led to the first stop. There was a variety of challenges that included music, dance, Math, general knowledge and landmarks on campus. At the second stop, teams were challenged to sing, and remix South African classics, and were judged on creativity, or do the Tik Tok famous Coronavirus Dance. Teams also played Thirty Seconds and did a water bucket challenge before they raced off to the final stop, where the winning team was awarded. The Pink Panthers walked away with gift bags filled with EWB branded goodies.

More fun, interactive events are coming up in the second semester, to give members some more time to socialize before exam stress kicks in.

Written by: 

Mutshidzi Ratshibvumo

23 March 2020

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