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Since 2013 EWB-SA has been reshaping South Africa's engineering sector as a place where people can live their passion, unfold their potential and work with compassion. 

We believe that if young engineers are exposed to the daily lived experiences of South Africans and if young engineers have the opportunity to apply their minds, hands and hearts to improving the lives of people in South Africa, then we will have engineers that love their work, that live their dream and that build our country for all. Our goal is to empower engineers to empower communities by activating, generating, using and transferring engineering knowledge that benefits society. To do that, we are actively investing in building a community of resilient and resourceful engineers that are committed to delivering results that have positive social impact. We are delivering three programmes in South Africa focused on youth leadership, social impact through community projects and engineering education transformation.

Legal Adviser Volunteer :

      • Provide ad hoc support and legal advice to the EWB-SA board, Technical Advisory Board and  project leaders.
      • Experience in a technical environment is beneficial but not required.

TAB Volunteer:

      • Provide feedback on technical queries via our remote helpdesk. 
      • Provide guidance and mentorship through monthly meetings with chapter leadership
      • Introduce students to leaders and experts in the engineering community that can assist them with project development;
      •  Provide access to technical resources;
      • Connect students to funding opportunities;
      • Actively seek to develop and grow the EWB-SA network, focussing on engineering professionals, potential partners and sponsors;
      • Give feedback on projects and presentations.

This position is suitable for EWB-SA Alumni, young engineering professionals including young professionals in fellow sector bodies such as SAICE YMP, CESA, YPF, SAIChemE, SAIMM,etc.


Empowering Engineers to Empower Communities

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