A single tree cannot make a forest.

The dreams, dedication and commitment of many generations of student and graduate volunteers have built the dynamic community at the heart of EWB-SA. We salute you.

Meet the current volunteers driving EWB-SA's engine behind the scenes.

Michelle Low

Backstage Queen & 

Co-Founder @ EWB-SA

I love to learn and help. Tagline - #BeHappy. At EWB-SA I manage the behind-the scenes activities and make things happen which aren’t defined yet. Since its inception in South Africa, this organisation just keeps growing. I get FOMO when I’m not contributing, especially since it is still evolving at a rapid pace. Furthermore, it’s a place for engineering students to apply their leadership capabilities. There is no place like this!

Lara dos Santos

Community Manager

My passion for EWB-SA is encompassed in our mission: to empower engineers to empower communities. As a young structural engineer, something is lost for me when being a cogwheel that only generates resources and income for a client. The true value we contribute should be the effect and impact that our projects have on improving the livelihoods of the communities on whose doorsteps they function. Bridging that gap is what South Africa needs to raise its magic to new heights…and EWB-SA provides the perfect platform.

Nikita Vala

2016 Summit Chair

I am passionate about the potential of the engineering sector in South Africa and re-imagining how it could look in the future. I spend most of my spare time jumping into any activity that needs urgent attention at EWB-SA. In the past I have been Project Liaison Officer and Chairperson of EWB-Wits, Mentorship Portfolio Lead on the national team in 2014/15 and most recently, I spent 5 weeks in Canada as a Kumvana Fellow. I studied chemical engineering and am now working as a digital business analyst.

Yetunde Dada

Tech & Innovation Wizz

I enjoy being part of EWB-SA because I get to change lives by enabling young engineers. They get to learn at university level what it means to impact their communities. I also really love design so being in an environment to create new things that help EWB-SA, as a whole, work better fulfills me.  

Dhruti Dheda

Newsletter Editor and Storyteller

Being a chemical engineer, I’ve always considered my profession to be rather unromantic. Differential equations are void of drama and plug-flow reactors are hardly exciting. EWB-SA is giving me an opportunity to romance engineering, by being part of an organisation which empowers communities creatively through engineering. Communication is the gap between the engineering community and rest the of the world. I want to bridge that gap. I’m the editor of the EWB-SA newsletter, website blog writer and I interview influential and full-of-potential engineers. Watch the site for me and my scribblings.

Nomathemba Magagula

MSV Portfolio Leader

I am an African, engineer and philanthropist. EWB-SA is the platform through which I get to connect with, and create, my greatest vision of the world I want to live in. I am the current leader for the Mining for Shared Value (MSV) portfolio, which focuses on facilitating conversations around pertinent issues in the mining sector. I believe that Africans ought to mine to benefit Africans. MSV is here to re-spark the passion in professionals who can make this happen.

Bronwynne Oosthuizen

Social Media & Community Manager


Empowering Engineers to Empower Communities

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