If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Our sponsors share our belief that a thriving engineering sector is a key factor for driving sustainable development in Africa. We value their deep commitment to supporting young engineering talent across the country. 

Level 1 - R300 000


A dominant portion of Level 1 sponsorship contributes towards providing student chapters with an annual seed fund of R10 000 each. In recognition of this contribution our first tier partners are featured at universities as sponsor of all chapter events and projects. In addition to Level 2 and 3 benefits, we provide the opportunity to promote relevant company information on all our social media channels to our network of over 1600 young engineers.

Level 2 - R200 000


Level 2 sponsors are invited to participate in local skills development events for EWB -SA’s student membership and leadership. These events typically focus on softer engineering skills and are an ideal opportunity to screen for potential bursars and graduate engineers. In addition to Level 3 benefits, we provide the opportunity to participate in our annual leadership summit (valued at R30 000). 

Current Sponsors

Level 3 - R100 000


Employees of Level 3 sponsors receive free EWB-SA membership for the duration of the sponsorship. This provides and ideal opportunity to engage employees in meaningful CSI activities as project mentors, volunteers and speakers at chapter events. 

Leadership Summit Partners - R30 000

Our leadership summit is the highlight of our events calendar. In 2016 it will take the form of a chapter strategy pitching den, where each chapter has the opportunity to pitch their upcoming projects and events to a panel of our partner representatives. 
Current Sponsors

Friends & Partners

Complex problems require diverse perspectives. We seek out partnerships with organisations that complement our own approach to empowering engineers and empowering communities, so that we can tackle projects and problems together.

Our friends are individuals and organisations that have generously donated their time to help EWB-SA and our chapters grow.



Dr Anne Fitchett

Grant Donors

Thanks to the generous support of our donors we have been able to launch new ideas, prototype concepts and develop tool kits and resources that help us to advance our work.

Engineering Information Foundation

Alcoa Foundation


$25 000
$10 000
R100 000

Awarded for full scale deployment and roll out of local knowledge tools that share and teach best practice approaches for poverty alleviation in Africa through community development projects from the perspective of African engineers.

Awarded to promote the creation of global engineers through the development of an online community of practice that provides EWB-SA members with resources to the fundamental skills of planning and executing successful development projects.

Awarded to collaborate with the City of Cape Town to provide technical consulting and implementation services to the sheep head traders in Nyanga to enable them to evolve their cooking process.


Empowering Engineers to Empower Communities

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