We believe that South Africa is a country of endless opportunity.

We believe in the social goodwill of engineers.

Mentorship Programme Vision

To provide every student volunteer actively involved in a chapter community development project with the opportunity to complete the project as accredited vacation work and to receive technical mentorship from a professional engineer.

Why Mentorship?

Building capacity of young people in South Africa’s scarce skills sectors is essential for professional sustainability, industrial development and ultimately economic growth of the country.

Success to Date

Since 2014 we have provided work learning opportunities to 20 students, involved 3 companies and together tackled 4 community development projects. We have also hosted 3 speed mentoring events in Johannesburg and Durban.

In 2016 our student community comprises over 1600 young engineers, working on 40 community development projects across the country. We are planning to facilitate mentorship placements for 24 students working on four projects.

Programme Details

EWB-SA focuses its transferring engineering knowledge programme around technical mentorship of community development projects owned and executed by student project teams. Participating companies host a project team at their premises and provide it with access to their physical and knowledge resources. Students participate on a voluntary basis and no remuneration is expected. The mentorship programme is open to all EWB-SA student volunteers that are part of a project team. EWB-SA is not involved in selecting project team members; this is done at the discretion of each chapter.

Participants: +- 5 students per project

Period: 3-6 weeks in June/July and occasionally December, depending on the project

Schedule: Students create their own schedule and are expected to be at the offices or on site 75% of days during this time for 5 – 6 hours per day


Empowering Engineers to Empower Communities

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