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  • 23 Dec 2013 10:06 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

    EWB-UKZN coming soon

    In December EWB-SA spoke to EWB-UKZN start-up champions. Looking forward to seeing it being established in 2014!

  • 01 Dec 2013 10:07 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)


    A weekend away in Limpopo with our chapters!

    Every year we aim to meet all our student chapters. The goals: for everyone to connect as well as for us to be on the same page for 2014.

    The location chosen was Limpopo Bush pigs and what a delightful place it was.

    The chapters that came through this year was all our student chapters of 2014. EWB-NMMUEWB-UCTEWB-UNISAEWB-UP and EWB-WITS. This National Summit also included champions of the EWB-SA organisation. Thanks to James Hu for chairing the sessions!


  • 23 Nov 2013 10:00 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)


    Following the information session at the University of Stellenbosch, applications for the university champions were received and will be reviewed over the December – January period.


  • 19 Nov 2013 10:03 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

    20131115_173355 (2)

    Six courageous riders set out on 18 November to cycle 94.7 km for a purpose in this year’s Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. The team raised R7500 for EWB-SA. Great work, guys! Thanks to Rockets – ProudlySA Compressions Sports Gear – all Charity Challengers received a complementary EWB-SA cycling jersey.

    To ride for EWB-SA in 2014, get in touch with Neha Patel (

  • 14 Nov 2013 10:08 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)


    Seen last night at the AfricaCom Awards … EWB-SA partnering with EWB-UK as the 2013 charity.

  • 24 Oct 2013 10:10 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)


    Pretoria engineers, this one is for you. Next Wednesday at 6 pm.

  • 23 Oct 2013 10:11 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

    Stellies info session

    Engineers Without Borders South Africa is growing! Recent moves have been made towards the founding of an EWB chapter at Stellenbosch University, something which has been met with a large amount of interest! On Tuesday 23 October a small group of EWB-SA members – most of them past EWB-UCT members – spoke at an information session for interested Maties students. Close to 80 students attended. Hopefully it this will be the start of something awesome.

  • 16 Oct 2013 10:13 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

    Mike Marler

    The role of engineers in building the future of South Africa – Are we doing enough?

    This evening sparked some wonderful conversations with the panel that was on the floor discussing the NDP. Amongst the panelists were Trueman Goba, Yunus Ballim, Mike Marler, Douglas De-Bruyn, Vannessa Naicker, and Naren Bhojaram. The discussion was chaired by Wiebke.

    Thanks to IEEE for the sponsorship of the food and drinks for the evening as well as to Wits University for using their facilities.

    Some comments & questions from the floor :

    … ‘is there something in place to manage the shortfalls of the NDP. There is a lack of professional guidance’

    Yunus Ballim on point! Infrastructure & engineering shouldn’t be seperated from SA’s social issues…

    Some interesting quotes from the panel:

    Trueman Goba: … The system is not working when knowledgeable professionals don’t want to mentor younger engineers … 

    Naren Bhojaram: ‘get engineers back in government… ‘… ‘… mentorship is needed…’

    Naren Bhojaram on corruption … All leaders should have IQ, EQ, PHQ and NB on high ethical balance …

    Trueman Goba “…part of the problem is not only the shortage of engineers but skills and leadership in our society ..

    Yunus Ballim “… a university is for knowledge development …”

    Vanessa Naicker “… we are global citizens…”

    Mike Marler “… What can engineers do to make this a success? …”

    Douglas De-Bruyn “… What is enough? …”

  • 15 Aug 2013 10:15 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)


    Months of planning and hard work have paid off for EWB-Wits’s Biodiesel team: the first batch of biodiesel fuel has been produced. The project, lead by Robert Louw, has been constructed to convert waste cooking oil from the dining halls and various vehicles that operate on Wits campus to a useable fuel. The plant is situated on West Campus and operates as a 200l batch process based on the Appelseed design.

    As renewable energy, waste reduction and carbon emissions are carrying increasing weight in local conversations, the visionary team pioneered this plant to show what is possible. No doubt, it is time that projects of this nature are adopted in South Africa on a larger scale. Plans are being hatched to extend the project to other campuses across the country.

    Congratulations to the project team lead by Robert Louw – this is really quite an achievement. The project is done in partnership with Oricol Environmental Services.

  • 01 Aug 2013 10:17 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

    2014 EWB-Unisa Team photo

    A hearty welcome to EWB-Unisa. We are excited to have you part of the EWB-SA family. The UNISA chapter is a hub to connect correspondence students of UNISA outside Gauteng to already established EWB chapters in South Africa. The EWB-UNISA committee is based in Johannesburg, Florida Campus.


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