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23 May 2018 2:12 AM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

Two events took place on Open Day: Women in Tech and Gaming 101

Theme: Women in Tech

We are living in a fast pace digitalized world where the stereotypical narrative that only men are fit for this digital age has been over looked, we are now passed empowering women to join into these technological fields of study, but rather focusing on how we make sure that they succeed within the field and maintain a certain standard.

We invited women within the ICT industry as they will share their stories and advice on how to prepare for the industry. What we wanted to build through this event is a society that imparts knowledge and skill to one another, a group of females which advance together into the industry as well as within their studies.

Our first objective is to navigate our focus to the women in tech within our campus, where we would like the following to see happen on a monthly bases: workshops that imparts skills such as AI and machine learning / anything and everything that is aligned with the career path that they will be taking. A space which gives more hands on skills than motivational talks.

We thank everyone who attended and the guys who also came and showed support to our initiative their presence was much appreciated.

Guests :

- Dimakatjo Maila from braingiga

- Lindiwe Baloyi from Tshwane University of Technology (Lecture Computer science)

- TiyangChengDon from IBM

Hosted by -:



Theme: Gaming into the industry

This was the highlight of the day as well as “how to” talks from industry leaders whom are making money/living off gaming (whether it be testing out gaming equipment/creating an online space for gamers)


  • Idea is to bring a bit of light to our fellow peers about gaming. Bring forth the beginning and history of gaming to the current age.
  • Teach other fellow students (who aren’t doing gaming as a module) to the tricks and treats of creating their own games.
  • What for and why games are used.
  • Get females and males interactive in the Leagues.
  • (We would like to have a mini tournament /league taking place therefor would request gaming equip/devices).


-Lindiwe Baloyi Tshwane University of Technology ( Department of Computer Science )

- Boris From Game Nation.

Token of Appreciation to Prof Pius and Mr Lohole for all the support they gave regarding organising the venue and providing the equipment for both events.


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