EWB-TUT: Deep learning powered by Intel

21 Jul 2017 3:55 AM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

About the event

The Intel AI workshop was a great insight to Artificial intelligence. Mostly a huge thanks to the intel student ambassador Mr Besho and Mr Motsweni the EWB-TUT guardian as well as his team for granting us the opportunity to advance our studies more within AI. The presentation was of par and the TUT students were interactive, the speaker opened up a platform to ask us questions about AI and with every question a particular student gave correctly they received a prize.

When one thinks of AI they are often lead to think about robots having human like behaviour, interesting enough AI doesn't end there... AI which narrows down to parts of machine learning is within every application and browser that we use, how often do you see Google suggesting certain topics within your interest? A lot right, and that's all because it has learned to study your activities and behaviour online as to what you search most of the time. This workshop provided TUT students with a broader knowledge of AI and most TUT students said they would want to start learning more on machine learning.


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