EWB-TUT: The Beginning

22 May 2017 10:40 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

Our first project for the year was the First Annual Meeting which was hosted on 17 March 2017. Because EWB-TUT is relatively new at the campus, the meeting is aimed at making the chapter’s presence known on campus to the students on campus as well as explaining what exactly EWB-TUT is, what the chapter’s main purpose is and what it hopes to achieve with its endeavors.

The prospective members were welcomed into the room and were greeted with warm big smiles. They were showed to their seats and the meeting was in full swing. We were expecting an initial of 50 people to attend but although we did not reach that amount we came close to it with about 45 people attended the meeting.

Feedback on the 2016 projects that were executed was conveyed and a brief explanation of what happened in that year was shared. This part of our agenda was included to show them how much we were able to accomplish and we could achieve even more and touch more people with their help.

The 2017 committee members were introduced starting off with the chairperson and the vice chairperson, Lerato Tsotesi and Catherine Ngobeni respectively, then followed the secretary and the treasurer who are Gudani Dukula and Kabelo Mokgabudi, and finally the marketing and projects manager comprised of Tebogo Ranoto and Katlego Rambau. These are the people who will run with EWB-TUT and take it greater heights for the year.

The presentation began and the chairperson took to the podium. A detailed explanation of what is EWB-TUT was given and the chapter plans for year were conveyed. The curiosity was buzzing throughout the room, as the Chair lead the presentation. Questions were asked and notes were taken and dates of the projects were recorded. All in all look back at it, this was an overall success with approimately 40 new members.

After a well presented presentation the curious minds were converted to EWB-TUT members!


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