Since 2013 EWB-SA has been reshaping South Africa's engineering sector as a place where people can live their passion, unfold their potential and work with compassion. 

We believe that if young engineers are exposed to the daily lived experiences of South Africans and if young engineers have the opportunity to apply their minds, hands and hearts to improving the lives of people in South Africa, then we will have engineers that love their work, that live their dream and that build our country for all. Our goal is to empower engineers to empower communities by activating, generating, using and transferring engineering knowledge that benefits society. To do that, we are actively investing in building a community of resilient and resourceful engineers that are committed to delivering results that have positive social impact. We are delivering three programmes in South Africa focused on youth leadership, social impact through community projects and engineering education transformation.

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Please submit cover letter, curriculum vitae and a 2 minute video of yourself telling us why you are interested in and believe you are suitable for the position. Please upload the video to Youtube and post the url in the application.

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Location : Johannesburg

Job Description : 

Outlined below is the range and extent of activities in which the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Engineers Without Borders South Africa (EWB-SA) is normally expected to engage during his or her term. The appropriate delegation allocation of managerial and administrative duties is determined by the CEO in consultation with the Board of Directors (Board).

The CEO is expected to fulfil the primary functions of:

  • Execution and adaptation of the business strategy and resource allocation in fulfilment of EWB-SA’s mission and objectives;

  • Ensuring organisational financial sustainability by developing new income streams as well as attracting new and maintaining existing partnerships, sponsors and donors;

  • Building the core operational team and setting the organisational culture;

  • Advocate and act as the public representative of EWB-SA.

This is achieved via satisfactory performance of the following duties:

  • Maintain general oversight of all day-to-day activities of EWB-SA, and ensure the efficient operation of the organisation.

  • Execution and adaption of EWB-SA’s strategy.

  • Growth and retention of the EWB-SA team, including employees and core volunteers.

  • Growth of the EWB-SA community and ensuring there is sufficient and appropriate value proposition to members.

  • Overseeing the delivery of existing key programmes and develop new programmes in-line with the organisational strategy. Existing programmes include:

Youth Leadership

Social Impact

Engineering Education
  • Develop new income streams and fundraising to maintain existing and attract new partnerships, sponsors and donors to ensure EWB-SA’s financial sustainability.

  • Deliver an annual report outlining the organisation’s activities at the end of each financial year.

  • Present feedback to the board at quarterly meetings, and deliver on special requests by the board.

  • Network with other bodies in the engineering sector such as voluntary professional organisations and international EWB member associations.

  • Act as an advocate and thought leader, within the public and private sectors, for issues relevant to EWB-SA, its stakeholders and beneficiaries.

  • Serve as spokesperson for EWB-SA, ensuring appropriate representation of the organisation to its stakeholders and the greater public.

  • Sound financial management for EWB-SA, including preparing and managing EWB-SA annual budgets, overseeing financial audits etc.

  • Review and improve existing organisational policies, processes and guidelines.

  • Drive the creation and implementation of new policies, processes and guidelines.


  • Undergraduate degree in engineering preferred.

  • 5-8 years’ experience in the engineering or non-profit sector in a managerial or developmental role.

  • Valid driver’s license.

  • Permitted to work in South Africa.

Core competencies:

  • Business strategy

  • Leadership

  • Operations management

  • Financial management

  • People management

  • Project management

  • Time management

  • Risk management

  • Communication (writing and verbal)

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Fundraising

Advantageous knowledge areas:

  • Higher education sector (specific to engineering)

  • Education and training

  • Non-profit sector

  • international development

  • Broad based black economic empowerment and relevant tax knowledge

Remuneration structure:

Equivalent market related salary structured as basic salary plus performance incentives

Performance Indicators:

Indicators include:

  • Fundraising target

  • Community growth target

  • Impact growth target

  • Operational efficiency

  • Execution of EWB-SA strategy

Job Advertisement:

Advertised on 05 July 2019.

Submissions close on 24 July 2019.


Empowering Engineers to Empower Communities

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