Empowering engineers to empower communities

A competent, engaged and vibrant engineering sector is the key ingredient for the sustainable development of Africa.


Since 2013 Engineers Without Borders South Africa (EWB-SA) has piloted a variety of initiatives to activate, generate, use and transfer engineering knowledge that benefits society. The passion and commitment that many members have invested into building the organisation has accelerated our growth and has made us the most representative and dynamic youth voice in South Africa’s engineering sector.

Our vision

We are re-shaping the engineering sector as a place where people can live their passion, unfold their potential and work with compassion.

Why engineering?

Because a competent, engaged and vibrant engineering sector is absolutely critical for the sustainable development of Africa!

What do we do?

As a vehicle to pursue our long term vision of transformation in the engineering sector, we aim to provide communities and community-based organisations with access to engineering skills and technologies to improve the quality of life of their members in a sustainable manner. In doing this, we see our role as one of building bridges that connect students with professionals, graduates with retiring engineers, rural understanding with urban experience and engineers with non-engineers. 

More specifically, our work focuses on promoting engineering knowledge that benefits society by:

  • Activating the youth voice in the engineering sector,
  • Generating innovative ideas and opportunities that have the potential to move our society forward,
  • Using technical skills to serve communities through technological and infrastructure development,
  • Transferring that which we know and learn to others through mentorship and partnerships.


Empowering Engineers to Empower Communities

2018 | EWB-SA is a registered non-profit company | NPC 2013/014531/08

Engineers Without Borders International

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