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We are looking for a new CEO!

  • 27 Jan 2017 7:05 AM
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    Wiebke Toussaint (Administrator)

    EWB-SA CEO role description

    The CEO is responsible for executing and adapting the strategy of EWB-SA such that the organisation can achieve its mandate of empowering engineers to empower communities. The CEO is appointed by and accountable to the board of directors, and serves on the board as executive director.


    The CEO is expected, as the most senior executive officer of EWB-SA, to demonstrate a sense of responsibility for the well-being of EWB-SA, including its staff, stakeholders and volunteers. Additionally, the CEO is expected to fulfil four primary areas, which are listed below:


    • Act as guiding anchor and sounding board to EWB-SA’s student chapters
    • Grow community and membership engagement through our website, membership portal, regular newsletters, social media and special events
    • Facilitate the running of EWB-SA’s Technical Advisory Boards and Clubs
    • Drive the delivery of EWB-SA’s annual student leadership summit


    • Allocate and track EWB-SA’s annual budget
    • Pay monthly invoices and facilitate chapter finance
    • Interact with EWB-SA’s accountants to ensure sound financial management
    • Ensure that audited financial statements are presented to the board of directors at the end of each financial year
    • Attract new grants and fundraising to ensure EWB-SA’s financial sustainability. Inform the Board and assist EWB-SA in developing and maintaining a sustainable fundraising strategy.


    • Execute and adapt EWB-SA’s strategy
    • Present feedback to the board at quarterly meetings, and deliver on special requests by the board
    • Drive the creation of new organisational bylaws
    • Deliver an annual report outlining the organisation’s activities at the end of each financial year
    • Assist in the recruitment and retaining of staff and volunteers. Assist the Board in recommending and attracting volunteers to participate in the Board and its committees.
    • Maintain general oversight of all day-to-day activities of EWB-SA, and ensure efficient functioning of the organisation.


    • Initiate new corporate sponsorships and maintain existing sponsorships
    • Network with other bodies in the engineering sector, especially voluntary professional organisations
    • Act as an advocate, within the public and private sectors, for issues relevant to EWB-SA, its services and constituencies.
    • Serve as chief spokesperson for EWB-SA, ensuring appropriate representation of the organisation to its stakeholders and the greater public.

    Skills, experience and passion

    Our ideal candidate is:

    • Passionate about building an engineering sector in which people can live their passion, unfold their potential and work with compassion.
    • Engaged previously with our EWB-SA community - either as student or in some degree of voluntary capacity post degree.
    • Minimum of 2 years working experience, preferably in the engineering sector.
    • Strong leadership potential with the desire to apply what you’ve learnt in the past to a new challenge.
    • Willing and available to be committed to leading EWB-SA for the next 3 years.
    • BTech in engineering - minimum degree requirement.

    What EWB-SA offers you

    Working for (and with) EWB-SA is a fair exchange. In return for your time, commitment and passion we offer you the opportunity to:

    • Lead a well-established national non-profit company
    • Expand your own leadership potential
    • Make a difference in South African communities and the engineering sector at large
    • Grow your professional network
    • Gain exposure to EWB-SA’s international network of partners

    This is not a full-time job offer and is ideally suited for young, working professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, self-starters, the adventurous, curious and potentially post-graduate studying. You are expected to contribute on average 10 hours per week. We will compensate you with an honorary salary in recognition of your efforts of R7500/month.

    Send your CV and letter of motivation to to apply. Applications close 15 February 2017.

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