EWB-UP: Full Of Activity. 2016 Review And Reflection

20 Dec 2016 4:35 PM | Dhruti Dheda (Administrator)

Coming off being named the rising stars at the 2015 at EWB SA Leadership Summit, EWB UP set off to make 2016 the best year EWB UP has ever had. The executive committee was elected in September 2015 to lead EWB UP for the next 12 months which would consist of the first 4 months being dedicated to planning for the upcoming year. 2016 was quite a busy year for EWB UP.

The EWB UP Executive Committee kicked off the year’s activities at the annual TuksRAG (Reach Out and Give) Rag Day where a gazebo was pitched up and those present could walk up to the table and ask questions about EWB UP and what it does. The was also where we got more than 15 new members to join EWB UP for the year. Also present at the EWB UP stand was an EWB UP booklet which had some pictures and review of activities in 2016.

After Rag Day the next stop for EWB UP was signing up a team of EWB UP members for the Google Hash Code Competition which was to be hosted at the Innovation Hub on the 11th of February 2016. We had 11 EWB UP members who participated in the Hash Code competition. Although none of the teams won but the was a great endeavor as EWB UP broke down some boundaries in terms of the members we attract and cater for. The actual event also provided a networking opportunity where we met up with Geekulcha, an organization within the ICT space with which we would partner up with during the year.

As the year moved on next on the EWB UP calendar was the Power Discussion Panel centered on the topic of Renewable Energy. This discussion panel was done to also create awareness of a project we would be embarking on, the Litre Of Light project. The discussion panel was hosted on the 12th of March at the University of Pretoria Graduate Centre with panelists Dr Rethabile Melamu the Director of Green Economy Gauteng under the Department of Economic Development, Thabo Moyo a PV Design Engineer at SunEdison and Thabiso from At Lets Meet. The discussion panel was an overwhelming success with over 80 guests present.

Human Centered Design (HCD) was the next event on the calendar. The HCD is a training of EWB members in principles of EWB SA which are involved in the process of designing of solutions for the problems that we are solving in the communities. Having solutions which are considerate of the community in which the solutions are being implemented in, design solution that is human/end user oriented.

Intel Training was organized in conjunction with our partners Geekulcha. This event was done to create awareness on the new Intel Real Sense camera and also to educate on the Internet of Things. It was truly a great learning experience with Tiyani Nghonyama and Tchisseke Vicente the COO and Mobile Lead of Geekulcha respectively. They also demonstrated the working of the 3d Intel Real Sense camera which impressed the members who were present.

Project Leadership Labs was another event on the EWB UP calendar that was meant to empower the members of EWB UP. For the event we had Elaine Porter from WSP, Yetunde Dada from EWB SA and Koketso Rampedi from Barclays. Personal branding was one of the stand out topics that were discussed.

LOL is the Litre Of Light project. This was a project to teach a community how to build solar bottles using 2 L plastic bottles. On this project EWB UP partnered with the Mamelodi Arts and Culture Forum as a partner in the project and a community organization that is already within the community. The project has 3 phases, first one is teaching the community on building the Litre Of Light solar bottles, second one being teaching the community of Mamelodi along with the Art Forum and third being implementation in the community with the community taking control with the knowledge that has been transferred.

Mentorship was a project that EWB UP engaged in at Stanza Bopape Secondary School. The Mentorship project had the Tutoring and Career Guidance aspects. For the Career Guidance, we hosted a career guidance for Grade 10-12 where we invited a Civil Engineer, a lawyer and a bank analyst. Then for 3 weeks we had Mathematics and Physical Sciences tutoring sessions for the grade 10 and 11


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